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Dot Action Lite

4.1 ( 1341 ratings )
Spil Underholdning Eventyr Arkade
Forfatter: Hyeoseong Hwang

(This app is based on OffGaos flash game, "Dot Action". It is made under his/her approval.)

Dot Action is a challengeable and addictive game which have simple goal,
"Acquire all of blue blocks in limited time"

The character can be moved to left or right, and be jumped by touching.
Character can be stand on white block only, so if there is no white block under it, it will be fall down. Orange block is an obstruction, and if the character touches it, the game will be over.

You can feel a sense of accomplishment by completing each stage.
At this time, there are 10 stages (+1 tutorial) in "Lite Version".
(In "Full Version", there are 60 stages (+1 tutorial) and it will be added more on update.)

+ Hint
The next stage will be opened only when the previous stage had been completed.
So, if you think "you can not complete this stage any more", please let us know by e-mail (Dot Action Support) Then we will give some hint for you.